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Master Pumpkin Carver Barry Brown at Rock Creek Farm

The Michelangelo of pumpkin carving finally reveals his most powerful secrets, tricks and techniques to a limited number of families.

 To families who want to save money, make fun memories that will last forever, and leave the mess with someone else.

 What if you only had to make one trip to get everything you need - pumpkin, carving kit, and expert advice from a Master Pumpkin Carver? Can you imagine the warm memories you’ll create carving pumpkins together with your kids? What if you didn’t have messy pumpkin guts all over your house? What if you and your kids knew your carving was the best you’ve ever done - and you did it together?

 AND...What if your carving lasted up to 10 times longer?

 Can you imagine getting all this, PLUS getting something for FREE? Keep reading and I’ll show you how to get secret tips with the Master Pumpkin Carver and a special FREE offer just for you!

 Let me introduce you to Barry Brown - Master Pumpkin Carver. He is appearing at Rock Creek Farm for three, exclusive carving events just for you. He is excited to show you how to carve pumpkins like the ones he carved for TV shows including the Today Show, The Tonight Show, the David Letterman Show, Good Morning America, Monday Night Football, and movies including Hocus Pocus. Did you catch him on TV last year? He carved pumpkins on local TV including The Denver Channel 7, KWGN Channel 2, KUSA Channel 9, and the Colorado & Company show. Dan Daru from FOX 31 came out to interview him AND did a special story about his National Grand Prize Award-Winning pumpkin carving skills.

 Families who carved and dunked with Barry Brown last year were amazed that their pumpkins looked fresh for days and days after they carved them! They said it was great to carve a little early and have their carving last all the way until it was time for trick-or-treaters. One father was amazed that he and his son did such a great job on their carving, and because of the “secret dipping sauce” they had a longer time to enjoy it together. His son said that carving a pumpkin with his dad was “my most favoritest thing we’ve ever done together.”

 So what about the special, FREE offer? I want to give you first choice on carving with Barry Brown at Rock Creek Farms. Barry will be appearing at three, special carving events:


Saturday, October 20

 Friday, October 26

 Sunday, October 28th


On each of these days, from 5:00PM to 7:00PM we’ll be hosting carving parties featuring expert advice and secret tips from the Master Pumpkin Carver. AND Barry is bringing his “secret dipping sauce” that keeps carved pumpkins fresh looking up to 10 times longer!

 Not everyone will get the chance to carve with Barry. But if you hurry, you can purchase a Super Ticket which gives you entry into this special event. Buy it now, and don’t wait, period!

 There is limited space available to get to carve with Master Pumpkin Carver - Barry Brown. Reserve a place for your family at the table NOW! Be sure that you get in, get a pumpkin, get secret, insider tips and tricks AND get a dunk in the “secret dipping sauce.” Don’t loose out on this special carving event, or on the special FREE offer just for you!


Buy your Super Ticket right now!


With a Super Ticket, you get a pumpkin for your family, plus a carving kit, plus private time with Master Pumpkin Carver - Barry Brown. ALSO, you’ll get a dunk in Barry’s “secret dipping sauce” which will help your pumpkin look fresh for up to 10 times longer! If you bought all these things separately, you would spend $32...but if you purchase a Super Ticket right now, you’ll save $12.

If you buy your $20 Super Ticket right now, you’re whole family can get everything they need - a pumpkin, a carving kit, private time with Barry, and a dunk in Barry’s “secret dipping sauce.”

PLUS, the first 50 families who buy a Super Ticket will also receive this special FREE offer:

A dunk in the “secret dipping sauce” for your second pumpkin ABSOLUTELY FREE! That’s a $10 value - absolutely free! You must be one of the first 50 families to respond to get this special FREE offer!

You can’t get “secret dipping sauce” anywhere else in the world; only at special appearances with Master Pumpkin Carver - Barry Brown. This secret sauce is a special blend of ingredients that makes carved pumpkins look fresh up to 10 times longer.

Don’t miss out on this amazing chance to carve with Master Pumpkin Carver - Barry Brown. He’s been flown all over the country to carve pumpkins for TV and film, magazines like PEOPLE and newspapers in almost every state. Barry has been professionally carving for more than 20 years. Last year, the Food Network even called him to discuss his carvings for their show.

And he’s finally sharing his secret tips and techniques with a limited number of families at Rock Creek Farms. Get the free offer by purchasing your Super Ticket for $20 today. That’s a $12 savings off of the regular price. AND if you’re one of the first 50 families to buy your Super Ticket, Barry will dunk your second carved pumpkin in his “secret dipping sauce” for FREE - a $10 savings.

You’ll drive home with happy kids, great memories, and two incredibly carved pumpkins that will last up to 10 times longer and look as fresh as the day you carved them! You’ll have saved up to $22, and you’ll have no mess at home! Get your Super Ticket today, don’t wait, period!

To buy tickets any of our carving events visit http://rockcreekfarm.eventbrite.com

We are open 9AM - 6PM Daily*
Saturday, September 24 - Opening Day
Monday, October 31 - Halloween Day
Monday, October 31 - Closing Day

*Occasionally heavy rain or snow may cause us to close the farm unexpectedly All status reports will be posted on our voicemail for our main line and listed on our website

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Can food be brought into Rock Creek Farm?

Visitors to the farm are welcome to bring food items. We have picnic tables you may use to relax and enjoy your meal while at Rock Creek Farm. For your convenience, we all sell a variety of concessions and food items. For information on food available at Rock Creek Farm visit the Treats and Eats page. No Alchohol allowed.

How do I cut the pumpkin off the vine? Will I be provided cutters?
You will be provided a cutter
What is a hay bale maze?
A hay bale maze is a small maze for kids available in family fun play area

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Pumpkins were once recommended for removing freckles and curing snake bites.
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